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The Kolob Canyon Review is a literary and art journal produced every year by Southern Utah University containing the work of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. I had the opportunity to create the submission poster two years in a row for KCR and had the work displayed around SUU's campus and the town of Cedar City. 

The first poster displayed was the first one created in 2017. I wanted to draw in the audience of artists and writers by combining the two in a visual way. The mouth represents the call for entries and the fun artistic style reaches out to artists, while the pencil being held in the mouth reaches out to writers. 

The second poster displayed was created for the 2018 year. I was interested in creating a poster that had minimal illustration while sticking to my style and getting the message across clearly. I created the boxed letter/drop shadow effect in Illustrator. I could not find a typeface that worked for the main word displayed, so the word, "entries" was created myself as well. 

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