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200015-Deluxe Paper Nautical-002.jpg


Crossfit Cedar City is a client that I worked with in Branding. The objective was to create a logo that inspired fitness and looked inviting while being able to work across multiple surfaces. The clothing was produced and sold in the store front of the gym. 

199987-Nautical Paper Set Final Packagin
200015-Deluxe Paper Nautical-003.jpg
200063-Deluxe Paper Unicorn Dreams-002.j
200217-Unicorn Dreams Final Packaging-00
200063-Deluxe Paper Unicorn Dreams-003.j
200287-Deluxe Paper Vibrant Flowers-002.
200291-Vibrant Flowers Final Packaging-0
200287-Deluxe Paper Vibrant Flowers-001.
200179-Deluxe Paper Outer Space-002.jpg
200183-Outer Space Paper Set Final Packa
200179-Deluxe Paper Outer Space-003.jpg
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